How We Work


Requirement Analysis

ATK team provides comprehensive set of features after conducting a detailed analysis of clients requirements.

Activities include to identify actors and use cases and prioritize the use cases.

Application Design

The software design phase involves developing the Class diagram for all objects in the system. During this stage the states and methods of each class will be defined.

Activities include Develop the Analysis Model and Develop the Design Model (class and object diagrams)

Functional Specifications

Detailed specifications of the system are developed during this stage. The use cases identified in the requirement analysis phase are fleshed out by detailing the normal, alternate and exceptional flow of use cases and accompanied by the GUIs associated with the use cases, if any.

Activities include Detail a use-case, Prototype user interface and Architectural Analysis and Design.

Software Development

Software development of each use case is carried out. The coding standards for naming variables and handling errors have been developed and are strictly adhered to. This ensures consistent and superior quality of coding.

Activities include Develop the code, Unit Testing, Integrate with other modules and Integration Testing, and Performance Testing.

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